Haywards Heath Movie Makers

Who we are

Formed in 1949, Haywards Heath Movie Makers is one of the foremost non-commercial filmmaking clubs in the South of England. We have an active membership from novices to more experienced movie makers with many awards being won nationally and internationally, not only by the club, but also by individual members.

We are proud of our heritage, but also look forward with confidence to the future.

Did you know?

When our club was established most members used either 9.5mm or 16mm ciné cameras to make their films. The film had to be sent to a laboratory for processing before the results could be viewed and the edit begun.

Today we shoot in high definition using various digital formats. The trend at the moment is for cameras that record to SD card. Results can be viewed instantly and video editing is much easier and more creative than in the past.

A message for parents and grandparents to be

Several of our members have said how pleased they are that they recorded the early years of their children’s and grandchildren’s lives on film and then video. Those younger people themselves have also said how delighted they now are to have such records of their own early years.

We know that the months ahead will be especially busy but we do entreat you to use a camcorder, camera or mobile phone to capture those magical moments and to save them for posterity. In many cases it was the grandparents who took this task upon themselves.

Editing raw video footage is easier than many people think and there are many simple techniques to enhance images and make the finished movie much more interesting.

Why not come along to one of our meetings and have a chat to some of our members, who will be delighted to help you.