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The BBC have recently made available over 16,000 sound effects to the public for free. This vast library includes effects that have been used by the BBC since the 1920's. Everything from a South American parrot talking and screeching, the sound of the interior of a Belgian post office, or the sound of an inflating rubber dinghy!

The sound effects are available to download in WAV format and may be used for personal, educational, or research purposes.

Full details can be found at http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk



The 50th Anniversary Show of the Sussex took place on 6 October. This was quite a milestone, and the Sussex is believed to be the oldest of all the county shows.

The club's film, "11 am", was given a Commended Certificate. In addition Rod Willerton's, "Four Gems and a Jewel" gained the Best Travelogue Award, plus his film, "The Postal Museum", won the Best Use of Sound award.

South Downs Movie Makers won the Challenge Cup for the best film in the competition with "A Toast to Tarring"

Wivelsfield Village Hall - home of the Sussex Film Festival


We're very pleased that our club film, "The Prodigal", came third in the recent Australian Widescreen Festival. Comments received noted that the film was well acted and produced.

David Fenn's film, "Take the A Road" came equal 10th in the same competition, and his film, "The Holiday" was equal 30th.


The 53rd Albany Competition was held on 14th April, and hosted by last year's winners, Chichester Film & Video Makers. Seven films were entered, which were judged by Spring Park.

Our club entry, "11 a.m." was given a Commendation Certificate for "The Most Innovative Film".

The winners this year were South Downs with their film, "Dead on Time", and they also won the Sound Trophy for the same film.

BIAFF 2019

The BIAFF results are in, and we're pleased to anounce that "The Prodigal", last year's Albany film, has picked up a Four Star Award.

Also receiving a Four Star Award was Rod Willerton for "A River of Poppies". Congratulations as well to David Fenn who received a Three Star Award for "The Holiday".


In April we were privileged to welcome Andy Robertshaw as a guest speaker. Andy is a military historian, and a world-renowned expert on the First World War. He acted as historical advisor on the Steven Spielberg's blockbuster, "War Horse", and gave us a most interesting and amusing talk about the making of the film, and how historical accuracy doesn't always win the day.


The SERIAC Film Festival took place on 11th May, and with 57 entries it proved impossible to show them all. However, over 40 excellent films were presented and the club's film, The Prodigal, achieved a Highly Commended Certificate.

11 am was the Competition Officer's Choice, and Two Italian Gardens, by Rod Willerton was awarded a Commended Certificate.